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About Us

About Us

Just Coding is the evolution of IT etc. Training,
still offering the oportunity to learn how to code!


Just Coding is a social enterprise offering people the opportunity to learn to code for FREE. We are a small company with BIG dreams; to enable everyone to be able to take advantage of the opportunities arising from the digital transformation of Australia. Just Coding is a new entity expanding on the work of IT etc. Training and is dedicated to building a community of like-minded people enthusiastic about coding and helping others. People are becoming more and more aware of the effects, that the digital transformation is having on many industries and there is a real enthusiasm in the community for this type of program with people wanting to re-skill themselves in disciplines like coding in light of the uncertain future of many jobs.

We believe that high quality coding education should be accessible to everyone. Many of our previous students continue to be involved with our program helping others to learn new skills. With their support, we continue to offer our programmes for FREE.


Just Coding is unique in that we are offering FREE coding education to anyone with a desire to learn. We pride ourselves on offering this opportunity, without discriminating against any particular sector of society.

Our FREE 8-week Saturdays 'Learn to code' challenge programs, run at the State Library of Queensland, Cultural Precinct, Southbank in the Business studio have been a great success and is continually over-subscribed. The 'Learn to code' challenges have been instrumental in introducing Queenslanders to the world of coding, and inspired many students to continue on the life-changing path of seeking to work in the dynamic and rewarding 'software development' field.

Whether you want to invent the future, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, coding is an essential skill to learn.
The Courses

The Courses

Just Coding is a social enterprise determined to change the way IT training is undertaken. We are modernizing the IT education experience, restoring community, passion and fun into training, all in our unconventional learning environment. Our courses are designed as a series of challenges that focus on critical thinking, practical skills, communication and a concern for society that will enable students to make a real difference in the world. We are about guiding, nurturing and inspiring our students to achieve their potential.

Learn to code

Our "Learn to code" challenge will give you Java skills across a broad range of introductory programming techniques. This is the start of your coding journey.

  • Start date : TBA
  • Duration : 8 wks | Saturdays 10-4pm
  • Location : State Library of Qld
  • Cost : FREE
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Learn to code for the web

Our "Learn to code for the web" challenge gives you cutting edge skills using javascript with HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. These skills assist you in developing web apps.

  • Start date : Saturday 20th October 2018
  • Duration : 8 wks | Saturdays 10-4pm
  • Location : State Library of Qld
  • Cost : FREE
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Coding applications

Our "coding applications challenge" extends your programming journey, introducing skills in areas essential for developing robust applications.

  • Start date : TBA
  • Duration : 8 wks | Saturdays 10-4pm
  • Location : State Library of Qld
  • Cost : FREE
Coming soon

Everything great starts with a single step in the right direction. Take your first step today. Learn how to code and change your future.

The Mission

The Mission

As a social enterprise, Just Coding
is driven by the core value of helping others.

1. Provide FREE access to coding training for everyone

  • Provide FREE coding training to anyone with a genuine desire to learn.
  • Create a fun, friendly, safe and inclusive environment for learning.

2. Create a community around learning to code

  • Build a community of like-minded people aroung learning to code.
  • Where people learn from being involved and helping others learn.

3. Help by giving back to the community

  • Provide coding services for nonprofit/social sector organizations.
  • Undertake Web/App development projects for nonprofit/services sector organizations

4. Eliminate discrimination and promote gender equality

  • Help eliminate gender disparity and discrimination in IT by providing a truly inclusive, safe environment for learning.

Big Thank You

Supporting Organisations

Just Coding is a social enterprise, providing FREE coding training to the community, but we need help to ensure that our program is able to continue. We are seeking organizations who believe that everyone should have the oportunity and SKILLS to PARTICIPATE in the digital transformation currently taking place in Australia.


How You Can Help

How You Can Help

Just Coding is a social enterprise
providing a FREE service to the community and needs your help.


Support Us

Just Coding is a social enterprise providing our services for free and would like to keep them free, but to do so we need your help. If you think you or your company can help in any way, please contact us and together we can make the world just that little bit better.


Become a Volunteer

If you know how to code or work in IT and like helping people, we would love to hear from you. Even if you don't know anything about IT but would like to help anyway, please get in touch with us. We are social enterprise building a learning community around all things coding.


Tell Your Friends About Us

Awareness about Just Coding and what we're doing is important to our mission. Let people know about us. They might like to join our "Learn to Code" challenge or they might be able to help us out. The more people participating and helping the greater good we can achieve.

Contact Us

Contact Us

We are always pleased to hear from our visitors,
so feel free to contact us, if there is anything you wish to know?




Business Studio
State Library of Queensland


0421 901 134